Escape the Everyday
Inspired by bohemian travel, BohBo designs are eco- friendly, colourful, figure-hugging leggings for women and the children who populate their world.

Why Bohbo?

Bois for the Inside.
Anabelle, Anabo, and then just Bo
I grew up being called Boby everyone around me.
Including my seven sisters.
Yes: 7! A herd, a flock, a truckload of sisters.
The closest to my heart still call me
Closeness, intimacy, truth: they matter in every fold of my life.

Bohis for the Oustide.
Bohemian to me is travelling, and absorbing the beauty.
In Nature, in Art, in Love. And in mothering.
My heart is a sponge; I take life in and I use it. All of it.
As a child, I lived in Devon, Sussex and a Greek island.
Followed later by Mexico, California, London and Madrid.
Today, it
s beautiful Brighton. The soul of the sea: ocean mamma. Travelling, spirituality, connectedness: my holy trinity.

The Boh-Botiful-Bio
I started BohBo from my kitchen table.
I wanted to paint and reclaim a sense of me, last felt a thousand years ago at Goldsmiths. Artistic prints, cushions and scarves, I started with my love of flowers and of bright, incandescent colors. But as I reclaimed the
old me, the new me, sitting at the kitchen table, mother of a young boy, was also a size 14.

A beautiful, abundant, unapologetic Size 14.
Who does yoga, and wants beauty on my body.
Why should I compromise on colour because of my size?
As an avid supporter of the Body Positive movement, I apply my process to eco-poly-fabrics that look fabulous on any beautiful body shape.

My womens and childrens leggings are printed and sewn by hand in Brighton and Canada.